About Us


We exist to protect you, your people and your assets, allowing your organisation to grow and prosper. We provide intelligence based solutions executed with precision. These solutions always demonstrate the utmost care for our customers.

It is our goal with our comprehensive services delivered to a diverse customer base to be a progressive and pioneering security company. Today, as a market leader in security services we strive to live up to our reputation, provide value for money, reliable performance  and a close partnership with our clients and operate a responsive and reliable network with a sense of integrity and duty to the community at large.


AIPS Security provides a tailored service delivery solutions for every client, developed specifically to respond to individual site characteristics and requirements

Understanding a variety of sector environments is essential to our success as every site we work in is unique with different risks, pressures and challenges.

With business operations all over Australia, we work 24 hours a day seven day a week to ensure the security and safety of our clients


To be Australia’s leading integrated service solutions provider

We strive to provide our clients with industry-leading services and peace of mind with our state of the art technology and highly qualified staff.

We will continue to grow and expand our business by maintaining a culture that recognises and rewards innovation through our commitment to excellence.


To expand our partnerships in our niche markets and service our partners by

Identifying their needs and requirements

Providing quality solutions and service

Committing to exceed expectations

Building mutually beneficial partnerships

Investing in our personnel

Having flexibility to provide trained personnel to meet specific needs

Continually seeking improvement for our clients and ourselves

Ensuring site stability and longevity

Hands on management


Our Management team are a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising of our team have common goals, common objectives and parallel industry understanding.

Success in the workplace and of our services and products depends on our ability to build and maintain this experienced and professional team, to interact, lead and guide our field teams and advise our clients. Together, our management team is continually able to accomplish what one person or a single state only office alone cannot and maintain synergies between our diverse operations and multiple divisions.

Our team has been meticulously amassed, selected and screened to form the AIPS Management Team and ensure our services and products are delivered on time, on budget and with minimal if any disruption.

Our team continually complements each other and our clients operations businesses. All team members assist each other and work in unison organisations. Our operational model has proven highly successful and financially beneficial for may years, which is why we are one of the nation’s most enduring security companies with a reputation as a service leader and effective solution.


AIPS  Security Service has all the necessary demonstrated experience, capability and resource capacity to deliver a range of services to meet a diverse range of clients’ requirements. We continually invest in knowledge building and sharing and training and innovation. We currently service a very broad range of clientele across Victoria (AUS), including local, national and international brands, providing them end to end security services.


We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, providing a quality service for superior value. A cornerstone of our business plan is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, continually seeking improvement for them and ourselves through innovation and excellence.

The performance of our personnel reflects our dedication to staff training and the maintenance of high standards within our organisation. We are flexible enough to provide trained personnel tailored to your specific needs.

AIPS Security Services has a flexible management structure that is very much hands on in terms of our clients and security operations. We like to know what is happening with our clients and to ensure our personnel are delivering the required standards of service. In our management team, you can always talk to someone who can make a decision or take appropriate action immediately


AIPS is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art Security,& Training  Services organisation working to the highest quality standard. Our mission is for all staff to work as a team to provide our customers with the best and safest possible service. AIPS pledges its intention to work with all staff to create the safest and best work practices while consistently meeting customer requirements and expectations, for all mutual benefit. We will do our best to meet all of the requirements and expectations of each and every customer, and will insist that our staff provide the same high standard. We will support this commitment through the communication, training and development of our staff to ensure that our company goals and quality objectives are understood, implemented and maintained in accordance with and compliance to ISO 9001. To ensure the achievements of the above objectives, we remain committed to continually improve our services and processes through the establishment of measurable quality objectives with set targets and the collection and analysis of data for these objectives to determine areas for taking preventive actions for improvement.


At AIPS, we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure our managers and staff act and carry out their duties ethically with due care and respect – with a high sense of fairness and understanding to our staff, our clients, our suppliers and members of the public


AIPS Security is committed to the highest standards of safety – for our personnel, our clients’ personnel, and other site users. In line with this commitment, we have developed comprehensive Workplace Health & Safety policy and procedure, and thoroughly induct and train all personnel.

Company’s Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS Policy) aims to prevent injury and illness to our workforce and to continually improve the performance of the WHS Management System, while complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and its corresponding Codes of Practice.

Company holds responsibility in order to ensure that their employees are trained in approved work procedures to obtain optimal output without accidents and injuries and to ensure that employees follow safe work methods and related regulations.