AIPS are unique in approach to service delivery we understand that excellence is built on a foundation of solid and reliable training which is adaptive to industry and employer needs and is reflective of the level of service our candidates are expected to provide.

As an employer of security staff, we have worked with our clients to identify the needs of the market and have developed nationally accredited and complementary non-accredited courses.

The benefits of utilizing our training division includes:

  • Our facilities are staffed with full-time industry leading educators who specialize in license qualification and client specialized content delivery, inductions and training methodologies.
  • State of the art facilities and highly evolved manuals and training aids
  • Ensures our staff and are fully compliant in site safety and operational delivery
  • Ongoing tailored face-to-face, classroom and online training and mentoring delivery
  • Staff complete comprehensive in-house induction and pre-employment training programs, including development and periodical re-training
  • Continuous support ensuring staff have the right skills as they progress through the business
  • Our aim is to continually foster communication, personalised learning, and continual development.