There is a shift taking place within many Australian businesses and companies. More and more companies are placing an increased focus on their core competencies, whilst outsourcing support functions not associated with their primary business. This move to outsource is especially prevalent in the area of personnel-related support functions, which include security services. Many organisations entrust the security of their employees and physical assets to AIPS to ensure an up-to-date and comprehensive security service and program is in place. Utilising the services of AIPS protects both employees and assets, saves our clients money and allows them to devote their attention and resources to their core competencies. A successful relationship with AIPS is one based on trust, mutual goals and communication. We establish goals and objectives for our clients and our service and participate in regular reviews of the devised security program in order to recognise achievements, make adjustments and reward the exemplary efforts of our security staff. AIPS views security as a team effort and truly believes in and is dedicated to the safety and security of our clients’ employees and assets. That commitment is evident in our practices and training programs as well as our ability to customise services to meet our clients’ individual needs.


AIPS utilises best practice service delivery to ensure maximum success for each recruitment activity, providing an effective outcome for both our clients and the candidate. This includes testing and screening processes designed specifically for the industry, site and the client’s needs.

Our processes are adaptable to client sites and individual role requirements, enabling us to handle roles at all levels across a variety of disciplines.

Our broad client base ensures a great range of opportunities for candidates, assisting them to find employment that meets their skills experience and interests.

Our infrastructure is technically advanced, guaranteeing that we are able to access information for both clients and candidates in any location at any time.

Our team includes experts in the field who display consistently high values and service ethics.


AIPS is committed to ensuring all staff are professional and highly trained prior to attending client sites, are kept up to date with industry and site developments, and receive periodical refresher training.

Our training services include:

  • Site and client background training
  • Customer service training
  • Counter terrorism awareness and prevention training
  • Cultural awareness
  • Powers of arrest
  • OHS awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Crime and loss prevention
  • Incident management


AIPS acknowledges that the delivery of outstanding customer service is paramount in achieving its strategic objectives. To highlight our commitment to both our clients’ customers and staff, we have dedicated a strategic objective specifically for this purpose.

A key action identified is the development and implementation of a Customer Service Plan.

Customer service is our most direct interface with the community and clientele and contributes significantly to the wider perception of our services.

Customers are the reason for our existence and as such, are our highest priority.  Every AIPS staff member accepts responsibility for the customer service delivered by our company.  Information gathered from recent customer service surveys has been used to identify the needs of our customers and have assisted in the development of our Customer Service Plan.


AIPS respects and endeavours to comply with relevant legislative requirements and governing regulations within our industry to help ensure the quality of our services and the safety of our staff working within the security services industry.

We hold all appropriate licenses, accreditations and relevant insurances to conduct a wide variety of security, training, monitoring and electronic services across Australia. To obtain copies of these licenses and accreditations, please contact our head office.


AIPS is at the forefront of innovation. We strive to combine leading edge technologies and methodologies to offer enhanced services, streamlined operations, transparent reporting and superior labour distribution across the many contracts we service. Our innovative methods have already been proven to reduce client expenditure while maximizing return on investment.

Key areas of focus for our business include driving efficiency, providing value for money solutions and increased cost savings to our clients. We specifically tailor our offerings to the evolving needs of our client’s requirements, taking into consideration their circumstances, budget and facility requirements.

AIPS fosters relationships with local providers to ensure we can offer our clients leading edge solutions that meet their needs.

Our history of innovation has focused on operational excellence, delivering exceptional services and ensuring the ongoing security and safety of our staff, clients and their assets.